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Have you ever seen this little saying before:

Never run when you can walk.
Never walk when you can stand.
Never stand when you can sit.
Never sit when you can lay down.
Never lay down when you can sleep.


It stems from an original quote by Mr. Winston Churchill, when he was asked what attributed to his success in life.  He answered: “Economy of effort. Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down.”

I doubt you would hear anything close to that from anyone wrapped up in today's busy lifestyle.  Everyone seems constantly on the go, multitasking our way through the day.  And to top it off, now we add some kind of exercise to our day, because we understand so much better, the value that exercise and movement add to our desire for a longer, healthier life.

The way people work is changing to. We are moving from a rather sedentary, desk bound day, toward a more active time at the office.  Office Furniture has become a world of standing risers, standing height conference tables, perching stools, ball chairs, treadmill desks…and now, wobble boards.

Standing at work is the "in" thing right now and adding a wobble board to your workstation just might be another way to bring a little more "happy and healthy" to your office.  Here's a quick clip from HON about their boards:



 Now for my 2 cents worth...

  • A Wobble board will help you improve balance and stability. Using your board regularly activates stabilizer muscles from your feet all the way up your spine. I know these boards are used as Physical Therapy environments and you can find more than a few workouts on the web. Though you won't break a sweat, a little movement has to be better than sitting all day. Try one and you'll see for yourself.


  • Using a balance board makes it fun to stay standing and will also help you stay more alert. Instead of coffee or candy try eating yogurt while keeping your balance.  Bet that'll wake you up!  Come on these things look fun don't they? Well, they are and lets face it, a more productive you is great and a less grumpy you is so much nicer to be around, for the rest of us.


Next time you're ready to stand at your desk, throw Cool and The Gang's greatest hits on in the background and get your wobble on!



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