HON 10500 Series

       The HON 10500 Series offers high quality office furniture on a moderate budget. This series has been a staple of HON Office Furniture for many years and is not going away any time soon.  A few highlighted product features include locking drawers, grommets to route and hide cords, and matching conference and occasional tables. The HON 10500 Series offers a wide range of office setups, including furniture and storage, to fit any office style or arrangement.


HON 10500 Series with Solve Seating
The Complete Package

The HON 10500 Series offers a comprehensive selection of products that will make the most out of any sized workspace. Maximize your office setup with a wide variety of layout options such as single desk, L-Desk, U-shaped Desks Configurataions, modular storage options, and work wall arangements. Whatever your needs, the HON 10500 series offers an affordable solution.

Active Office, Engaged

The HON 10500 Series has been built to accomodate the modern active office lifestyle so many of us have adapted. Choose furniture that allows you to sit, stand, and move in between with ease. This series offers variety of standing height workstations, as well has height-adjustable desks that can be raised and lowered with just a simple touch.

HON 10500 Series Desk Setup with Ignition Seating


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