Safco Products Active Anti-Fatigue Mat 2125BL, Elevated Surface Points, Rolling Fidget Bar, More Ways to Engage Muscles, Black (2125BL)

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Quick Overview
Let Safco's Active Anti-Fatigue Mat help inspire some simple actions that make standing while working so much more satisfying than sitting.

Let Safco's Active Anti-Fatigue Mat help inspire some simple actions that make standing while working so much more satisfying than sitting. Forget all about those just-flat mats, the Safco Active Anti-Fatigue Mat, with its elevated ridges and rolling fidget bar, gives you more options to move, stretch, shift positions and vary your stance throughout your workday in order to engage different muscles and help further reduce the fatigue caused by standing. Step on the raised edge for help with an impromptu mid-morning calf or hamstring stretch, or step back on a rounded contour in the late afternoon to help ease some of the tension on the arch of your foot. Rock that same foot back and forth on the rolling bar at the front of the mat for a quick massage, or just to fidget while you search for some creative inspiration. Return to the middle of the Active Anti-Fatigue Mat at any time to get all the pressure-easing benefits of a standard anti-fatigue mat. Measuring just 29 1/4"W x 27"D x 3"H, the Active Anti-Fatigue Mat easily slides on movable glides underneath your workstation or desk when you're not using it. Comfortable and convenient, this thick, pliable polyurethane foam mat is an essential addition to your Safco Scoot or Mood Series Standing-Height Desk or virtually any other sit-stand desk or standing-height workstation.

  • ESSENTIAL TO A STANDING WORKDAY. The perfect companion to your sit-stand desk or standing-height workstation, the Safco Active Anti-Fatigue Mat provides a supportive, inspiring spot to help you stay comfortable while standing, so you can deliver your best work.
  • NOT JUST A FLAT MAT. Elevated surface points encourage varied stances, stretches and posture shifts throughout the workday, further easing pressure on your legs and feet and making this mat more than just a comfortable place to stand.
  • WAYS TO ENGAGE. Stand on the raised front ridge to help stretch calf muscles and hamstrings, then step back on the rounded contour to help ease tension in the arches of your feet – easily engage more muscles during the day to help further reduce fatigue and soreness caused by standing.
  • STANDING BUT NOT STILL. Whether you're rolling over it to massage the bottom of your foot, or just spinning it back and forth to fidget while you think, the roller bar at the front of the mat offers an easy means to help satisfy your need to move.
  • EASY TO STORE. When you're looking to bring in a chair and sit for just a bit, easily slide the 29 1/4"W x 27"D x 3"H mat under your workstation with just your foot. Movable glides on the bottom make it simple to stow and redeploy the mat whenever you need it.
  • SUPPORTIVE BASE. Shift positions, vary your stance and move how you need to move - the thick, pliable polyurethane foam material of the mat will respond accordingly with reliable support to help keep you more comfortable while you work.
  • COMPLETE YOUR STANDING WORKSPACE. Now that you'll be comfortably on your feet, round out your standing workstation with a few convenient desk accessories like one of Safco's Onyx Series Hanging Desk Organizers or Vamp LED Desk Lamps.
  • Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Available in Black to seamlessly blend into most professional spaces
General Information

  • Product Name: Active Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Unit of Measure: EA
  • Brand: Safco
  • Country Of Origin: CHINA
  • Manufacturer Website Address:

  • Basic Specs

  • Color: Black
  • Max Depth: 27
  • Max Width: 29
  • Max Height: 3
  • Weight: 9.4

  • *All measurements shown in INCHES*

    Advanced Specs

  • Transportable: True
  • Max Width: 29
  • Max Height: 3
  • Max Depth: 27
  • Weight: 9.4
  • Has Tilt Surfaces: False
  • Requires Assembly: False
  • Requires Installation: False
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Nafta Code: 3926.90.9990
  • Basic Color: Black
  • Product Information

  • Is Green Guard Certified: False
  • ISTA Certified: 1A
  • *Note: Please feel free to give us a call if there is any further product information you are looking for !
    *All measurements shown in INCHES*

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